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how to make connection on a stripboard Answered

I have a little problem.
I have a stripboard with all copper dots separated, so there is not a single connection between them.

I wonder how can I get connection between my components?

I imagine that I could solder a wire to each pin and solder the other end to the right place, then solder a new wire on the same wire......

Is there a better way?  :D


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11 years ago


It can be purchased with traces or copper lines between rows of dots but you essentially plug the components in the holes to place them and go wrap the lead of one thing to another or use a short bit of wire as a jumper then solder the connections.

A breadboard or protoboard has metal traces under a plastic socket type grid to place the components.  Each row or column is connected underneath.  Those are meant for rapid experimenting where you can easily move and troubleshoot your circuit.

I don't think anyone does wirewrapping anymore.  The are little posts that you plug into the holes.  You can set  your components on top and then on the bottom go point to point with a spool of thin wire on a tool to make the circuit.

Otherwise you have to get set up to make and etch a printed circuit board.

Search the web and instructables for more details.  Good luck.