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how to make home made selfie flash?? Answered

how to make selfie flash for mobile phones..
which connected through audio jack and flash when shutter sounds...
give me some ideas..



4 years ago

Look up a clap circuit. You'll use that to trigger a transistor to activate a relay and your all set assuming the audio is timed right with the shudder so the flash happens at the right time. It will also need a battery to run it since you won't get any power from the audio jack. Though the image seems to be a ring light running of the USB port on the phone not a flash.


4 years ago

Since the flash on the back won't work there are not too many options...
Otherwise I would say a slave flash with a slpi on would be good.
As you never really know how long the cma takes from pressing the button to taking the pic automation is no good option either.
Just wait a season longer and I am sure we will see mobile phones with a front flash.