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how to make solar cells in home ? Answered

, bcz i m in pakistan & here is electricity problem , i want free electricity , plz tell me where ?to buy solar cells or solar panels , i dont have this types of things in pakistan, so i wanna make it in home & free electricty for my home, plz tell me abt it , plzzzzzz , email me lionkingskhalid@yahoo.com



9 years ago

First time in Pakistan we are providing solar power products but our main idea is to educate people and make them familiar with solar power..... it is most economical way to get energy and power for commercial or domestic usage!
join hands with us and one day we'll be able to achieve our goal of BRIGHTER PAKISTAN :)
GO GREEN Pakistan's Management
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9 years ago

The biggest issue with solar power is the cost.  However, when you look at the long term beneifts it is certainly worth giving a try.  Building your own solar panels is a start

Check out DIY Solar Power

Saqib Malikkilam57

Answer 9 years ago

Hi Is there any possibility that we can generate electricity from the overflowing water from the water tank located at 4th floor of a building plz help me in this regard


10 years ago

any chanche to use hidrycal power? you could use the rain water colected in your roof, and combine with wind turbines, I have some projects with this designs, if you intrested... but, I don't have many experience with solar panels. I don't know how it's the rain in paquistan... hey! you could use some steam turbines! use some mirrors to heat a amount of water, and use a tesla turbine to extract mecanical energy from this steam, wich a gear box, conect to a generator, free solar steam powered generator, and you can make it at home! Send me a PM if you wan more details, I guess this can help. have a nice day!


10 years ago

It takes a lot of solar panels and batteries to power anything major (lights, heaters, water pump, computers, etc). The cost of this will probably be too much. Though wind power is another option. Will work day or night too, with less need for a large battery. Is it windy where you live?