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how to purpose a smartphone LCD? Answered

 Okay, I'm new to this and I do not have any knowledge of programing or circuits, but I do want to learn, but sticking to the basic has never worked for me, so i want to star with a little more advance project or maybe is not that advance I'm new remember,  so I already set myself a goal, I hate to throw away stuff for some reason, from clothes to technology, so over the years I have been accumulating a lot of cell phones, consoles and an old laptop, anyways i want to know if there is any way to re-purpose some of the components, like LCD, cameras, speakers, everything.
But as for right now i want to focus on LCD specially my phones, like making a mini TV or something like that, I know i can get a control- for the laptop LCD but I haven't been able to find any for the cellphones LCDs so if somebody has any tip on how to do any just let me know so i can focus on learning how to work it up thanks, and I apologize if there is any error I'm still learning English 


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3 years ago

We get this question a lot.. As a non-programmer you have no idea of the monumental task you have set for yourself..

(personally I use my old iphones as MP3 players and cameras)

To my knowledge there is no bit-banging IC that is made to access the multi thousand pixels and an additional thousand colors for each pixel in the LCDisplay..

Gold recovery by the 55gallon tanks full of phones is the most worthwhile re-purpose action I can think of..