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how to read boat plans.? Answered

i find reading boat plans tough . Any cross section , on any axis of a boat is always changing, so how come they usually have only three diagrams,side view , top and cross section with just one set of measurements .Any tips on as to how these plans are made and how to interpret them. Where do i start when i have a set of plans ?? thanks


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11 years ago

Usually on a set of plans, the side view is a slice of the boat at a certain point, usually indicated on the plans, unless it is a full view just looking at the boat from the side. With the top and front views, you can have set points where you connect the lines in space. Thus the bow curves out to the main body or slopes down to the keel or bottom. Xerox a set of plans and glue onto a sheet of cardboard. Cut out all of the pieces/parts. Put it together. It may help you visualize what the plans are saying. Cut out strips of cardboard for your planks and connect the different bulkheads. You will see that the plans give you all the measurements. Good luck.