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how to reassemble a triple dial built in combo lock. Samsonite? Answered

i have a samsonite suitcase hardshell that was a gift to me the triple dial combo lock was disassembled and placed in a bag , can any one explain to me or better yet send me a diagram on how to reassele this type of lock so i can put this suitcase back in circulation



3 years ago

These locks are a unit.
Unless it was taken out as such you are out of luck.
Samsonite uses different types of these locks depending on the model / age of the case.
The basics are always the same though.
Problem is that you have the code disks, the spacers and the springs to start with.
You need to know wich one goes where and how to set code so you can unlock it once assembled.
Sort all the parts and post a few decent pics, maybe it is one of the types I dismantled.


3 years ago

I think your on a hiding to nothing with this. Buy a reasonable locking strap.