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how to reduce noises of engine from bus amplifier system? Answered

Hi all,
I am designing an amplifier system for a bus which is serving all passengers like DAEWOO BUS at a time. this system is working good in normal case. but when driver accelerates, the sound of engine is mixed up with audio signal and causes a noise. I don't know how to remove this noises from my amplifier system. One thing to know that a common amplifier TV, and  mp3 player is used to amplify audio signals and next individual passenger will be served his headphone/ handsfree as individual headphone jack adjacent to his seat. Also all headphone with all seats are connected in parallel.
I will be thankful if someone help me out in this problem.



3 years ago

Ignition noise is a common problem in audio equippment.
Sadly it usually means the things you use are not really of good quality - if the car is up to specs with ground and filter cap on the ignition.

The best option to get rid of ignition noise is to first check the engine parts so you can rule out a fault there.
Next step is a dual battery system or in the car HiFi world these massive filter caps with voltage display.
If you want to go cheap you can try induction coils and capacitors on the power input of your equippment but in most cases this is not enough.


3 years ago

Sounds like it could be an issue with a ground loop. It's been years since I've done anything with car audio. Try getting a ground loop isolator and putting it between your head unit and amplifier.