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how to regulate voltage more than 12 volts i need 16 volts from power supply 200w? Answered




10 years ago

Well,it Is not easy,ill tell you that.
You will need some basic soldering skills and a trip to radioshack,You will need to take the 24V and bump it down to 16 with a variable regulator,Follow the schematic here .
Hope it helps
Also PSUs output 3.3v, 5v, 7v, 10v, 12v, 17v and 24v
3.3v= Orange (+), Ground (-)
5v= Red (+), Ground (-)
7v= Yellow (+), Red (-)
10v= Red (+), White (-)
12v= Yellow (+), Ground (-)
17v= Red (+), Blue (-)
24v= Yellow (+), Blue (-)
You could try the 17V one,But don't expect it to have enough capacity(amps)To power whatever you are trying to power