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how to remove copper from motor? Answered

I was wondering how to remove the copper from an air conditioning motor.  It is wound around the metal in several different places, and has a heavy papers inserted into each hole where the copper is looped/  The only way I have found is to take a screwdriver and pound each  hole with a hammer to push the copper out.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.  Trying to scrap several motors of there copper.



8 years ago

A friend of mine had a simple clean way to do this.
Light an all night fire in the fireplace and drop the stator with windings exposed
onto the fire. Do not include the rotor or a start capacitors and place the stator
either open end down.

Next morning copper wire pulls out with Large pliers and the steel is annealed
to the good !

It was my fireplace. A


Answer 8 years ago

I use my wood stove. Since its always got a fire in it in the winter stuff that I want to recover like copper wire, including house wire with the insulation gets burned in it. That way I get some heat from it along with the salvaged stuff. I did have an interesting discovery doing that. Apparently it does get hot enough to melt aluminum. I found some very interesting "sculptures" formed when the aluminum from some computer parts melted and flowed into the hot coals.


8 years ago

You pretty well have to do what Vyger says, because the windings are often varnished in after assembly; effectively gluing them in.


8 years ago

You can burn them clean of any paper and glue and whatever and then strip out the wire. Fire won't harm the copper but don't plan on using the wire for anything else because all the insulation will be burned off as well. Depending on where you are an old charcoal grill with a good fire would work. Just don't get downwind. An interesting side note, the copper will turn the flames blue and green. It can make very pretty colors.