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how to repair hole in the bottom of the backpack with duct tape? Answered

after a few months of use my backpack was left with a hole in the bottom of a 5 cm. then I thought if I tinker with new fabric it will probably tear again so why not make with duct tape that is much more resistant and durable than most fabrics


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Duct tape is a wonderful product, but it is not intended to be a permanent fix for most uses. Nor, is it more resistant and durable than most fabrics. Scuff it with a piece of coarse sandpaper or tear a piece off the roll and you'll understand what I am saying.
If you want a permanent repair for your backpack, use a piece of iron-on canvas or denim patching material and then re-inforce the edges with some stitches to help prevent the patch from peeling loose.
Duct tape is temporary and will not stand up to the harsh use a back pack will endure under most circumstances.