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how to reuse/modify old cell phone camera as a cctv? Answered

I have an old phone(nokia 3250) and the camera is still working. How can I (pull out and) connect this camera to the laptop and make it as a CCTV? Or maybe I can mount this 'tiny' camera on the Arduino board?


Josehf Murchison

Best Answer 5 years ago

Yes you can but it is not easy.

You need the driver.

Follow my Instructable Reverse Engineering.


And my Instructable Salvaging LCDs.


And you can turn your phone into a real time night vision goggles or a quadcopter spycam.

Without your camera in my hands I cant tell you exactly how to do it but these Instructables will help you find your way.


ShahriarS8Josehf Murchison

Answer 2 years ago

But sir, your inscrutable didn't say anything about salvaging or re-modifying phone cams. Please help me

Josehf MurchisonShahriarS8

Answer 2 years ago

It did not do cameras but the technique is the same.

Cameras start at 4 wires and go up.

The ICs the wires go to, should tell you what the pinouts of the camera do without live testing.

If a wire goes to ground of course that is ground.

If a wire goes to Vcc of course that is Vcc.

If a wire goes to the serial clock on an IC of course that is serial clock on the camera. Sometimes Data out on an IC is the serial clock.

Enable and Auto focus is the same as serial clock.

Data in on the IC is Data out on the camera.

And with resin coated custom ICs and Programable ICs you may need to live reverse engineer.


5 years ago

Not vary likely. You'll need to keep the camera attached to the main board of the phone cause that's where the driver circuitry is. But to make it a CCTV you'll have to reverse engineer the circuit to figure out where and how to connect directly into the video feed. Not vary likely unless you know what your doing. If you knew what you where doing you wouldn't have to ask us about it. It would be easier if the phone could coonect to the PC via USB and stream the video through USB but not to many phones can act as a web cam for a PC.


Answer 5 years ago

Great! You're answering most of my question. I've a little knowledge about reverse engineering. Although I'm a beginner in electronic circuit, you just gave me the great points for me where I need to start.
Thank you!