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how to rig a static trapeze? Answered

I've built a sturdy static trapeze (welded bar, spliced rope) and would like to know how to rig it in a cost effective but safe manner. My mounting point is a steel beam, and the two ropes of the trapeze end spliced around 24mm galvanised steel thimbles which I need to fix to the bar. It would be great if methods could be provided that utilise materials found at local hardware stores - I know you can use crane slings but the only supplier I can find is a prohibitively distant one :)



10 years ago

Are you able to get over the beam? If so then a couple pieces of chain over the beam then you can attach what ever you want with bolts. Also if you get hurt - I was never here, never said a thing and never read this question.


Answer 10 years ago

If you do go for chain make sure its the "short link" variety. Long link (the stuff you'd get in a harware store)  doesn't like bending round beams.

Personally I'd order spansets and shackles from a rigging supplier and not go near the hardware store. You want to be sure of what your hanging off so you can concentrate on the moves. For the sake of £30 (UK price with delivery)  you're keeping yourself safe.

Rigging for performance is a specialist subject so my biggest reccomendation would be getting someone who knows what they're doing to help! and if you get hurt - see above.