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how to rip 3D models from an emulator ROM? Answered

i have seen stuff like that online, where people have stuff from N64 emulators in editing programs, i would like to know how that works, and/or how to do it.



7 years ago

RIP suggests you don't understand that these things belong to other people - They protect them for a reason.


Answer 7 years ago

nintendo 64 was just an example, i bought a textbook about how to program video- games, and it is supposed to have 3D models included on the CD, but it doesn't, but it does have a demo program with those in it, so i am trying to find a way to copy them from a program i bought and was promised in the first place. nothing illegal, or immoral about that.

oh, and BTW: this is a Make, DIY, HowTo, Hacking, and various other things that will void warranties site. not trying to be mean, but i thought this would serve up some helpful answers. the programs i have tried have not worked as of yet.


this comment was originally written on the 29th, but it was almost midnight before i got to it, so i had to turn in before i passed out. i simply forgot to do it on the 30th and 31st .