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how to run dc motor using keypad? Answered

this is my code, i can't read the keypad input and turn it into pwm value ranging 0-255

#include <Keypad.h>

const byte numRows= 4; //number of rows on the keypad
const byte numCols= 3; //number of columns on the keypad

//keymap defines the key pressed according to the row and columns just as appears on the keypad
char keymap[numRows][numCols]=
{'1', '2', '3'},
{'4', '5', '6'},
{'7', '8', '9'},
{'*', '0', '#'}

//Code that shows the the keypad connections to the arduino terminals
byte rowPins[numRows] = {8,7,6,5}; //Rows 0 to 3
byte colPins[numCols]= {4,3,2}; //Columns 0 to 3

//initializes an instance of the Keypad class
Keypad myKeypad= Keypad(makeKeymap(keymap), rowPins, colPins, numRows, numCols);
char Data[5];
int motorpin = 9;
int speed=0;
int currentCommand = 0;
int keyIn;
long NewData=0;
void setup()

void loop()
char keypressed = myKeypad.getKey();
if (keypressed != NO_KEY)
  NewData= constrain (speed,0,255);
  keyIn = atoi(Data);
else {
  while(currentCommand !=0) {

//With this code, once we press a key on the keypad, it should show up on the serial monitor of the arduino software once the code is compiled and uploaded to the arduino board.


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4 years ago

Ok a bit scarce in data here. Let's see. it is obviously a arduino code. It is using a Keypad library. Seems ok. So it should be in the loop.

Ah i see the problem. The loop is completely messed up. Right now it will constantly check for a keypress and if there if you haven't pressed a key it will empty the string before looping back (it doesn't wait till you press a key). Right now this code will keep resetting the string and printing 0 as often as it possibly can!

What you will want is for the code to only do the println and such when a specific condition is met. Like having pressed "#".