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how to solder a push to on switch button?? Answered

i m currently makin a project regardin robo.its names robot control using dtmf. need to solder this s/w..replies expected soon!
thank u~!



8 years ago

If the switch has solder eyes for terminals, then you'll want to insert the wire into the hole and solder.

if the swtich is an older (say, early 70s or more, it may use terminals made to wrap wire. in this case, wrap the wire around the pin and solder.

If it is a pinned PCB mount switch, then you'll need to either solder it to a pcb or get clever by wrapping wire (preferably pre-tinned) around the pins to solder them

If it's an surface-mount part, then again you'll need to solder it to a pcb.

for wire to terminals, it often helps to pre-tin the wire, especially if the wire is stranded.

Use as little hgeat as possible for wire to switch connections, since the insulation can get burned or melted quite easily for most consumer grade wire.


8 years ago

You've told us everything except what you're actually trying to solder, and to what... in other words, nothing that helps us help you. Please try again...