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how to store the 120kb power generated by solar pannels? Answered


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7 years ago

Storing energy is actually very difficult.

In general there are only a limited number of ways to do this:

Store it chemically (battery) - limited capacity and can be costly.

Store it as kinetic energy (eg. spin up a large weighted flywheel.)

Store it as heat energy (heat up a storage heater full of fire bricks)

Store it as potential energy (ICENG's water system)

120Kw is a lot of electricity to store, in general in the Uk you sell the energy to your supplier at a premium rate and so turn the energy as produced into cash for use later - Current rates show you can get about 0.41p per KWh exported and 0.71p per Kwh for all power generated.

These rates are paid for by the energy suppliers levying a £1 charge against all electricity bills.

My local council expects to make around £110,000,000 over 25 years by setting up a 900 acre solar park.

From 1 Mw you can expect to get a ROI of 17% or around £250,000 per year.


7 years ago

I think you mean 120KW = kilowatts but
then it could be kb = 120 kibbles :-)

Most people use big batteries to store solar electricity.

Some large installations pump water to a high reservoir
And use a water turbine generator at night.