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how to tell and ask a friend out (first time ever) Answered

OK we met at the start of term 2 last year at this little school we went there for term 2 we came friends and i no a little about her she is a year older then me i see her 4 for about 30 Min's in the morning on aw own when we met at the same station we hop on the same train we both get off at the same station then we get off and then she goes to her school and i go to mine i cant stop thinking of her no matter wats happening every tim i see her i get butterflies i have never told a girl that i have like them or ever asked some1 out in my hole life and im 14 and i have never been out with any one or kissed any 1 wat a boring life i have ( I NO I HAVE TO GET TO NO HER BETTER BUT WAT I REALLY ASKING IS HOW TO TELL HER WAT TO SAY AND DO AND WHEN TO DO IT ) PLZ HELP?




10 years ago

Just use one of these two pick-up lines:

You: My Magical watch says you aren't wearing any panties...
Her: What? Yeah I am....
You: My goodness! *tap "magical watch* Looks like it's an hour fast!


When you two are sitting by each other, lean over and use this phrase:
"I'm really not this tall.... I'm sitting on my wallet."


10 years ago

First time ever?

Keep it short and simple, reduce the chances of making a mess of it.

Just say; "Hey, do you fancy going to see a movie at the weekend?" (or go out for a burger or a coffee or a walk in the country, whatever you think will strike her fancy).

If she says no, just smile and say "some other time then" and then change the subject quickly to stop her saying never.

If you manage a smooth response to a "no", you are then open to say in a week or two; "You know that burger we were going to have? How about tonight?"


10 years ago

1. KnoW, FOR, wHAT, Whole, minUTES, I'm, plEASE... This is not a telephone keypad. Type real words Both firefox and instructables has a check-spelling function. 2. Punctuation. You just wrote 1 para-sentence. While your point is loosely conveyed, it's confusing and shows you have not put the effort into asking for help with this scenario. Put the effort in first, and it will pay off later. **************** That aside: Talk to her! Butterflies are natural. Adrenaline and fight-or-flight are normal responses to uncomfortable situations. Be yourself. You don't need to IMPRESS her with 'not being you' - or you're just lying to the both of you. :D Sincere complements are always welcome, and good icebreakers. Offer a get-together. Be fun with it - go out for coffee/soda/pop/burger/beer (all dependent on age, loosely) Be honest with yourself before you're honest with her - think what you want to come of it, what you have to offer, and what you'd like to receive. Poems are nice...songs, origami, tokens that are 'meaningful' and show devotion without costing a lot of money.