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how to win in instructables contests and i live in egypt??? Answered

i have been posted many 'ables in many different contests and
 challenges and i didn't win and it was a good ables


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Officially, you cannot win.

However, if you have a friend in an eligible country, you could give your friend's address as your own. HQ will send your prize to your friend, and your friend can then send it on to you.

Mahmoud Alaa
Mahmoud Alaa

Answer 8 years ago

ok,can i take your address and send it to me??


8 years ago

Please don't take this wrong, i'm only trying to help. But if your instructable was a good one then the people running the challenge or contest would have featured it. Also good instructables tend to be Step-by-step instructables that have a good number of pictures per step as well as good descriptions of each step.

You need more then a couple of pictures and 3 or 4 lines saying things like:
Do this
now this
and then your done.

So before you can even try working around the area restrictions of a contest or challenge you'll need to produce an instructable that has a better chance of winning. Your pictures are good but your writeup of the instructable is what is lacking.

Give it a bit of a story. Why did you decide to make this? What kinds of things did you consider before you settled on what you did? What materials and tools will people need to accomplish the instructable?

Just go a little more in depth with the whole thing.