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how to wire a light socket? Answered


Me and my girlfriend live in this old apartament building build around 1910. 
one of the rooms in our apartament is lacking lighting. and id have a light socket that id like to install.
below im attaching images of the place in the ceiling where the light should be. 
the wires of the light socket i have got does not have any coloring. 
there are 2 silver wires wrapped in transparent plastic sleeves. one of the sleeves has a small bump on it. there is no writing. 

i tried to follow some instruction materials but cant reason much through it. 

in that room there is a box to turn the light on, and a plug socket. the wire from it goes to middle of the room with this space for light which is on the picture. then from there another second wire to plug socket at the end of the room. 

i already know that i need to turn off electricity in the house and about safety. i tried to wire the socket based on instructions found elsewhere first but there was still no light in the room. the plug sockets in the room work without any problems.  

i appreciate all the help. 

thanks a lot. 


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6 years ago

I've never seen these kind of ceiling boxes. Is this USA wiring? You have to be careful if it is aluminum wire wiring too. You would be better off with an electrician who can determine where power is pulled off and running on which wires.


6 years ago

I can only stress to get an electrician for the job.

With the proper knowledge ok, but in your case it is safety first.