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how to you make guarana flavouring? Answered

I absolutely love guarana flavour, its possibly my favourite flavor next to blue, and mixed berry, in terms of soft drink.

problem is, its only available in energy drinks, and inspite of my almost absolute tolerance of caffeine (i tried drinking 4 cans of monster once and nothing), its not healthy to drink it that often.

i want to make my own low, or if possible caffeine free guarana flavouring, i just love it so much. i once had guarana cordial that came with my sodastream, and it was awsome, i drank it all the time and felt so invigourated, plus it was made with actual guarana with no added artificial caffeine, so, natural low levels of guaranine, further diluted with the use of flavour enhancers to keep the flavour real, with lesser amounts of guarana extract.
a short while ago i bought some wholesale guarana candy from a belgium candy manufacturer with a local distribution office here in australia, the candy likewise gave me a hype where energy drinks did not, 6 candies containin 25mg of natural inconsequential (present from the guarana extract, not added in) .
wheras when i, for the sake of testing if i had built a tolerance, drank a 6 pack of v, 500mls, 4 pack of that cheap dragon one, i forget, 2 cans of mother double hit and 4 cans of monster 550ml import, none of any of them had ANY effect.

the purpose of this was to test my tolerance, and now i know that the contents are quite bad for me, if they werent, then i wouldnt have had to build a tolerance in the first place, so its clear that 2 cans a week is no good even if its my favourite flavour of soft drink, and even if it has less sugar than coke, and costs less per same volume of coke or any other coke-company produced soft drink.

anyway, its bad, ive established that, so now i want to make my own flavouring, which i can control the contents of, plus there are thechniques for destroying caffeine i know if which is good too.

I want to ask, how do you turn guarana seed powder extract ( i make my own from seed powder), into the delicious guarana flavouring used in soft drinks and candies?

i dont want to have to rely on energy drinks for this delicious flavouring any more. I have looked around and i cant find anything anywhere on making it, i tried myself with a few methods but all of them were awful.


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