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how way profit count coin joined by LCD display and notification through audio system using arduino? Answered

ok, Im have a little project about coin counter joined by LCD display and notify through audio system using arduino. Im using LDR sensor because it just a cheap project. Im not using a coin acceptor sensor as it difficult to be acquired. Is that any kind of program that is applicable to calculate coin instantly display coin total through LCD and can notify through audio system? or suggestion to use any other sensor? I hope anybody can help me.. thanks ^_^



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5 years ago

You need:

To identify each type of coin, weight, magnetic, size?

You need a slide to pass each coin past a sensor separately - Light sensor? Micro switch?

You need to keep a record and total of each coin and the total of all coins - Microprocessor, Arduino? Raspberry pi?, Picaxe etc?

After that it is about mechanics and programming and that may be a long learning curve.

PS No one knows where in the world you are so specific help isn't easy - The Amazone coin counter pictures costs £10 in the UK