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how would I make a large concrete human head? Answered

I would like to make a large garden sculpture of a woman lying down.  I mainly want the head, neck, shoulders and one arm and foot of  concrete.  The rest would be soil and plants to build up the body and a ground covered blanket for covering parts of her.  I want it to be at least life size, preferably larger.  Should I make a solid concrete head?  What would I use to cast it?



6 years ago

I'm trying to find the same thing


7 years ago

check out smooth-on.com

they sell molding supplies - between the rubbers you would make the mold out of, and the resins you would cast -- you can also just substitute concrete at that step.

Every product has an instructional video on the steps required to make the mold.

Make master mold of head out of silicone/stretchy
add stiff reinforcement to keep its shape
cut reinforcement off maintaining shape
remove stretchy detail mold from model...

put back together with stiff shell on squishy liner, clamp and add cement.


7 years ago

make a mold in styrofoam from this make a latex mould which will need to be very well supported to hold that amount of concrete. Ideally with a solid material you can break away later.



7 years ago

First you need a mold of a head. It may be best to get your hands on a dummy's head and either use that instead of concrete or use it as a base to create your mold. Whatever material you decide to use for the mold will have to be able to maintain its shape under the weight and pressure of the curing concrete.

But a solid concrete head may be difficult to mount. Unless you have a really good support structure to hold it up. You may want to stick with a fiberglass reinforced plaster.