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how would i make a light sequence? Answered

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post......i wasn't sure so im sorry if its not.

I've new to the site and also very new to making things.........me and my dad ain't that close sadly but i want to try and resolve that with a summer project to bond....so i though we could make a Wall-e USB hub.

we have worked out to to hook all the USB and fans up but i want to make it a little cooler but adding a LED display to it so that it looks like its charging when its plugged in.

basically what i want to happen is.....when i plug the main USB cable into my computer there is a sequence of LED's that turn on one after the over followed a sound.

like this....


as i dont know anything really about circuits or even how to get the sound to happen at the end i was hoping that there might be someone on here that would be able to help me out.

Thanks in advance.



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10 years ago

Don't have an answer on this one for you just a comment. Bonding doesn't happen over one project. So if you don't get the results you want from this keep trying. Sometimes it takes a while. As long as you keep the option open there is always a chance it will happen. Good luck with the bonding AND the project.


Answer 10 years ago

+1 on the relationship advice.

Get your dad to start an account as well, you can collaborate, and stay in touch (some blokes don't "do" heart-to-hearts in person, but do better when they're just typing).  It would make it more long-term as well, since you could carry on Making together, even if you can't meet so often, thanks to work or something.

Regarding the actual project, I'd start a forum topic on this, so that more people see and can offer advice.

(Checking your profile, why not work on something bigger, say a working scale model of a local landmark?)