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how would you make a firwork igniter out of disposable camera? Answered

The camera should be a kodak cause thats the only kind of disposable cameras i have around the house.


death defyer

Best Answer 9 years ago

ive made one all you have to do is if u r good at electronics find the capacitor and discharge it by placing an insulated metal object across its terminals than find the switch thingies and ad switches to them for charging and ignition then take the bulb out were the bulb was solder wires to it then wa la


9 years ago

not quite sure... you could, however, make a firework ignitor by wrapping some steel wool around a match head, attach a wire on either side of the steel wool. Then you take a 12 volt or so power supply and connect the two wires to the power. the steel wool will heat up, igniting the match head, and lighting the firework. BTW, be careful with those cameras. They can store an enormous amount of energy in the capacitors.