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howto make 3d shutter glasses? Answered

i cannot find any instructable on making something like shutter glasses. my idea is: the left-eye image gets a white 10x10px rectangle in the top-left corner of the computer screen, the right-eye image gets a black rectangle. the shutter glasses would have a photoresistor glued (or somehow placed) onto that 10x10px-area for timing. but i don't know how to use that (binary) signal to control the transparency of the 2 LCDs. i don't even know which LCDs to use or where to buy it.



7 months ago

I know this is an old old post but Adafruit have just started stockist shutter glass for around £7 so great for this kind of project. however the proper shutter glasses on eBay and the like are also down to around £7 so perhaps to hack one of these would be better.
It appears the problem the original posts has is that of synchronising the shutters on a non compatible video source. Perhaps to enable him to make his own 3D videos and display on a TV of his choice. This subject sparked my interest but I can't seem to find any details anywhere of what protocols etc that these cheap shutter glasses use. Would anyone have any suggestions how to make (or get the required details to make) a transmitter to control these glasses from say a dvi or hdmi input. I could probably handle the electronics to get vertical sync pulses from an input but need the info of how to communicate with the glasses.
Any ideas ????


Reply 7 months ago

I take it you mean these https://www.adafruit.com/product/3627 or their larger counterpart. It appear from their video that they are very simple, you just apply one voltage to make it opaque and a different one to make it transparent.

So to make proper shutter glasses you would, as you said, need to synchronize them somehow so that each eye sees the correct image. That requires matching the toggle to the frame-rate of the display assuming they can keep up or to a pre-determined rate.

You probably want to acquire a couple and play with them to see how they work and what characteristics they have first. The adafruit store page provides a link tho this pdf https://cdn.hackaday.io/files/9676413977984/Driving%20TN%20Shutters%20(Rev%203).pdf


9 years ago

It seems to me that one could use the LCD in these (http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8629).  They cost $5, and ought to be usable to make shutter glasses that have the properties wikipedia says LCD shutter glasses (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LCD_shutter_glasses) have. I have one of these LCDs, taken from an old Nokia phone, and when you peel off the back reflective sheet it is actually has a polarizing filter. Combine two of those lcds with two LCD driver circuits and and a 3D shutter glasses controller (http://www.benryves.com/products/lcdglasses) and you have the makings of the glasses as far as I can tell. The driver circuit must be able to fully darken the entirety of the LCD (maybe do the alternating between each LCD lit/dark too?) and the only drawback I can see might be the refresh speed of the LCD itself.