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hydro contest entry Answered

Hello, I am trying to enter a instructable in the hydroponics/ indoor gardening contest, and it has been accepted into the manly crafts contest, but not yet the hydroponics/ indoor gardening one. is there anything I can change to get it into that specific contest? it is a addition to our indoor aquaponics system, and I think it will fit very well into this contest!


Penolopy Bulnick

5 years ago


Looks like you are currently awaiting moderation. I don't think there is anything additional you need to do for it :)


SokotaPenolopy Bulnick

Reply 5 years ago

Thank you for your reply Nicole, it seems as though it keeps getting kicked out. I have been trying to enter it since the 18th of december, and every couple days, it allows me to add it again to the contest and says it is awaiting moderation. I also entered it in the maly crafts contest, and it was accepted, and I received a email stating that it was within a day or two. I really want to get it into the hydro contest with some time to score some VOTES! :) is there anyone specific I should try to talk to about it?
Best regards,

Penolopy BulnickSokota

Reply 5 years ago

Hey Sokota,

You shouldn't be able to reenter unless you have been rejected or accepted and if you are, you should get a message letting you know. I'm checking with this contest moderator now.