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hydrogen fuel cell? Answered

I'm making a hydrogen motorbike that runs this kind of motor ===>http://www.ebay.com/itm/ME0709-Brush-Type-Permanent-Magnet-Motor-PMDC-24-72V-DC-Etek-R-19HP-pk-/250954809815?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a6e1281d7
However, all i can find are " make your own HHO" fuel cells (which I'm pretty sure isn't what a fuel cell does but I might be wrong on that).
Where can I find an actual hydrogen fuel cell that can power this motor plus lighting (and a few things like an arduino) for the motorcycle.

Thanks a bunch!



6 years ago

No the HHO is not the kind of fuel cell you need to power the motor since it needs power to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water. An actual fuel cell that produces electricity from hydrogen is very expensive to build. Most due to the amount of platinum needed in the call.This is why you don't see many fuel cells available for purchase or producing power for people's homes. 


Sun Gearmpilchfamily

Answer 6 years ago

I had continued looking into it and that does seem to be the case *sigh*
Thanks anyways!

rickharrisSun Gear

Answer 6 years ago

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_cell

2. Your going to need a LOT of H to get meaningful energy out of it - how will you store all that gas safely

3. As H isn't very cheap in cylinders, not very available will you need a licence to store and handle it in your area

4. IF this could easily be done we would now be running H fuelled cars.

5. 19 Hp isn't going to go all that fast - many lawn mowers exceed that Hp.

6. For energy density your still better off with battery power or liquid fuels - Gasoline, LPG, alcohol etc.

7. If your research is at such a basic stage then you have a LOT of work to do designing a meaningful vehicle before you even get close to worrying about some of the where can I get....

8. We keep saying to people - start SMALL, make models and propve the concept then scale it up and see how you go.

Saves money, avoids major error (usually) - saves time in the long run.