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i-Phone 6 or Nexus 6? Answered

Guys, I am thinking to buy a smartphone but really confused. Which one should I buy?


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Best Answer 6 years ago

I got an Ultra, but I'm not a bleeding edge guy. A friend just upgraded to the latest Nexus and swears it's the next best thing to sliced bread... something about the image quality being #1 hands down sticks in my memory) . idk, for me, to a certain point, a phone is a phone. They're all intrusive but necessary. I get my kicks from desktops and laptops and other gadgetry.

I'll avoid much more other than this somehwat pointed comment/question... Do you want to support a iCompany and iCulture who believe in and have been actively working towards an iAristocratic iWorld for the past 35 years or just get a darned good phone?