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i am a 7th grader who has to do a science project. Can you please help me decide on a good one ? Answered

It has to be totally done by me and NOT my parents.




3 years ago

In 7th grade I did a cool project where I took a garden water pump and closed it in a tube, ran water through it backwards, and collected water on the other end. I checked with a voltmeter, and it was around 33 volts A/C. Then I added a recycled bridge rectifier to change the voltage to DC. Then I had a Off grid, hose powered flashlight.

Do a terrarium a self contained plant that makes it's own food and water.
all you need is a plant, water, BIG jar with lid, some plant food, and some source of light.
Step 1
put soil in the bottom of the jar and plant the plant (no pun intended)
Step 2
give the plant some water and plant food
Step 3
put plastic wrap over the top to prevent air escape
step 4
seal the jar
The beauty of this project is it doesn't cost very much
The report is simple just research cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and define what a closed system is and how a plant can create and use it;s own food.
Oh i forgot to mention leave it in some light and you will never have to bother the plant again. My bio. teacher did the same thing 3 years ago the plant is still alive hope this helps


10 years ago

How about a Hydrogen Generator using electrolysis of water. All you need is a power source, water, and a battery. Maybe 2 test tubes to catch the gas and explain why there is more gas in one side and which is hydrogen and which is oxygen and why.


10 years ago

You know, your local public library probably has books full of science projects suitable for kids your age, and reference librarians love having an excuse to hunt through their collection...


10 years ago

dude i wish i knew about this site in 7th grade >.< lol


10 years ago

7th Grade is about that age where you can do a really cool experiment instead of something cheesy like baking soda and vinegar volcano and stuff. If you like plants this is something I would try. Try to grow an ivy plant in water with fluorescent dye(hi-lighter ink) and see if the plant would start glowing more under a black light. grow it like a month or so, if you have time.


10 years ago

Try something easy which has one key idea or point for example; -when baking soda and vinegar are mixed it bubbles... Why? Try something that you are interested in and won't take you too long, but most of all have fun and do a proper report.


10 years ago

A clock powered by a lemon or potato thats what i did


10 years ago

Before I answer, I'd like to get a little background. What do you like about science? Space? Medicine? Electricity? Biology? Plants? Mechanics? Dinosaurs? Rocks? Animals? Something else? That is, what are *your interests? Answering will help people to choose things that might be things you'd like to do. Liking what you do helps to make you work harder on it and often makes the result the very best you can do.