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i can not asertain what these are ( ic's microcontrollers or processors) Answered

I can not ascertain what these are ( ic's microcontrollers or processors) one chip is 42 pins total and reads qh7-8163-02 (9509 Z08), the next one is sc34205-154sp (851104) it has a total pin count of 54. and lastly I have a Mitsubishi m54571p. I can find some information on them when I search but not a data sheet that I can use. if anyone has any insight on how to find what they are and their data sheets I would appreciate.



3 years ago

Kinda late but I found what you were seeking since I was also seeking out this part. The chip I got came out of a Sharp Printer Calculator.

It's a Mitsubishi 7480/7481 micro computer. Here is the datasheet.



3 years ago

That sc34205-154sp IC is a VFD driver (I saw it on a VFD board). I haven't found any datasheet...


4 years ago

The Mitsubishi M54571 is a transistor array. The other 2 don't seam to have any searchable designation. They are probably custom ROMs.