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i can not get my attiny to work ! Answered

i am trying some projects with the attiny85 but not one is working only blink and fade wat am i doing rong?
i like to make a dice



4 years ago

Hello Ben,

the best and more complete tuto is on this link. http://highlowtech.org/?p=1695

STep 0 : install hardware package for ATTINy and library for the sketch.

Step 1, transform your arduino as isp. (you need to load a code on your arduino).

Step 2 : wire a breadboard to connect the ATTINY.

Step 3 : configure Arduino IDE to work with ATTINY (board, arduino as isp).

Step 4 : try with the simpliest code (blink or more simple).


4 years ago

One mystery with Arduino ISP and sketches you download are the libraries.
But without knowing anything about the sketches that cause you trouble it is impossible to help.
"Does not work" is not detailed enough ;)
So please provide more details.


4 years ago

Go through the list and check if you did everything prior to flashing your ATTiny

1) Did you flash your arduino as ISP or do you have a dedicated programmer (USBASP, AVRISP etc.)

2) Did you connect your wiring properly

3) Did you install ATTiny board modules

4) did you select your MCU and ISP programmer in Tools menu

If everything was done correctly, but you are still not able to do anything with your microcontroller, then you need to check:

1) If your code does not exceed ATTiny memory limits

2) If your program uses modules not supported by ATTiny platform

Either one is very possible, because Arduino IDE gives you the comfort of easy development at cost of higher memory usage and program size. You may want to be careful when using such things as strings, software UART, display libraries etc.