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i do a lot of sewing and want to try adding LEDs, is it cheaper to get strips or individual light bulbs? Answered

i want to make a tron outfit but don't have a large budget, i'm no afraid of doing a large amount of hand sewing so where can i find LED lights for cheep?



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9 years ago

I would recommend looking up one of the hundreds of great led ibles here on the site -- they will give you an idea of what you're getting into working with leds.

As for cheaper, depends what your time is worth - if you can solder/encapsulate/sew leds (time consuming process) then start from scratch

I'd recommend using flexible led strips (ebay, dealextreme, madeinchina.com, etc) because you just cut to length and add power.

Reason I say to go check the ibles - there are a few caveats to using leds - circuit design is actually important, and messing something up means you burn it out.