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i have 2 broken xbox 360's and 1 xbox 1st generation what can i make with the broken xbox 360's? Answered


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Best Answer 5 years ago

A Door-stop, lol.

Seriously though...

If the 360's have the "Red Ring of Death" you can try to repair them by using a heat-gun to melt or "Re-flow" the solder connections on the GPU back into place. Ton's of guides on the Internet, probably a few on Instructables too !

Not sure how much Electronics experience you have but this is not a beginners project. If you have opened up a few Devices and managed to put them back together (In working order) Then you could Pull off the RROD Repair in a Few Hours.

Otherwise, there's some nice heat-sinks in there for Projects, and the 10-16A Power Supply is Really handy for Certain High-Current Projects !

Assuming the Original Xbox fires up, They make Awesome little Media Machines !

Search "XBMC" or "Xbox Media Center" It requires some Light Hacking and most likely would be looked down upon by Certain Authorities, but as long as you only use it for movies and music (and Not Ripping games off the DVD's) you should be good.

They can also be modded to Run Linux like a normal Computer ! Just add a mouse and keyboard for a Nifty little computer that uses the classic Composite (Red, White, Yellow) Connections for older TV's !


5 years ago

You can make a single working xbox 360.