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i have 4 12 guitar cab anyone know if it would increase low end to port the enclosur? Answered

just wondering because i used to have a combo amp with open back that had way more low end in the distortion it was a crate gx120, now running a Marshall jcm800 4100, just seems like i'm not getting as much on the bottom end any advice would be apprciated.


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11 years ago

Porting would let you "tune" the cabinet to enhance the low end. It does this by either dampening the other freq's. or resonating the lower ones or both at the same time. To make a port work you have to be lucky, know how to do the math or be willing to make an adjustable port and then try it out changing it until you get what you want. Google ported speaker and read up on it some so you have an idea where your starting point will be. You could just build a bigger closed enclosure and that would probably enhance the bass. A larger box usually has more bass. Have you tried putting more sound deadening material inside or taking out some? Good luck.