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i have a broken craig jukebox and want to salvage speakers and case to make a working one Answered

i have a broken craig jukebox Bluetooth speaker system, it wont turn on at all bought for 8$ and i am trying to figure out if i can salvage the speaker and possible the lights. i thought i could use something like a breadboard to rewire the speakers and lights to make it work at least of a aux cord and if possible Bluetooth. this is a link to the speaker https://craigelectronics.net/product/cht935bt/   its got (4 x 5w rms output) speakers. i'm looking for a cheap alternative to get it working, again i don't know why its not working i put the cord in and it doesn't do anything from a quick look i saw nothing in the circuits that's broken or burnt out.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

The symptoms you describe,

i.e. "i put the cord in and it doesn't do anything"

these symptoms suggest your gizmo is not getting any power.

I am guessing the "cord" you refer to is the AC adapter.

Could you tell us more about that? I mean the product page you linked to (and I thank you for having the courtesy to link to that for us), the product page mentions the existence of an AC (to DC) adapter, but no specs for this. But, you know, since you've actually got the thing in your hands, it maybe has some hieroglyphics printed on it? Numbers for DC voltage (in volts, V) or maximum current (in amperes, A).

You know, the gizmo shows no signs of getting power, so the power supply ( which in this case is an AC adapter) is the place to check first.

Do you have a multimeter in your toolbox? You know something to at least check out the DC side of the AC (to DC) adapter, and at least observe if there is some DC voltage there.

By the way, if you can find an actual manual for this gizmo, (I have searched a little bit, but I have not found one yet.) or something with a little more info than just the product page, there might be some clues to be found there.


Answer 3 years ago

sorry for late response, and thank you for taking the time to answer, its dc power at 12v 2a and the cord i have is rated for that although the cord isnt the one that came with it. the device does get power but like i said it doesn't turn on at all so i thought maybe a fuse or something blew but cant find any thing that suggest that happened. the cord works too i have another device that uses it at same power ratio and it works fine.