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i have a nerf nite finder that i have modified by removing the ar and the light (i am trying to make a sniper out of it) Answered

i would like to   add a stock  but i need help aand some other mods to make the ultimate nite finder and i dont know how to paint with out ruining the gun 

update: i have put a recon barrel on it :)



7 years ago

There is a way to do this. If you have a gun like the Recon,Raider,or the Vortex Praxis, preferably broken, you can take off the black part that holds the stock on the gun, super glue to you NF where you want it, and then the stock just goes on. I wouldn't suggest putting it on the cocking handle as that could cause problems and will be flimsy.

joh54lil larry

Answer 8 years ago

cool but i want something like a stock because i've decided to make it a 1 shot sniper thanks

lil larry

8 years ago

To add more power just put a rubber band on the coulking handle and the front of the blaster. Add more bands for more extra power. Then since the light is gone you can add more ammo capacity. Take the battery door off and you can put velcro, wistler, and suctios in it but the backs sticking out. And you can hot glue buzz bee shells onto the sides to insert darts into there. I also had an idea. You can mount it on the recon. Take the scope off the recon or any nerf attachments and drill take them out of the thing, but make sure iot still works and you can push the little things back and forth with a spring in it. Then drill holes on each end of the thing. Make sure that they fit the screws that nerf uses. Then drill the exact same size, length, and position on the top of the nite finder. Then it could be an attachment on the recon.