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i have so many soda cans and i dont know what to do with them. can some one help me? Answered

I have 20 soda cans



Best Answer 10 years ago

1) you can make mini stove. 2) you can make soda can rocket. 3) you can make bomb 4) you can make bristle out of can Lids.

I learned how to make Soda Can hair flowers.
What you need:2 soda can (or 1 AriZona can) of any designs you like; knife;scissors,stapler and alligator clip

First , Use knife to cuttwo holes in barcode area. 1 at the top and 1 at bottom (on side of can) then cut from there to bottom. Then just cut the top and bottom off. do the same for both. ik the rest but i gotta get off the coomputer now.bye


10 years ago

You could melt them down and cast items with them. Or, you can cut the tops off and use them as little storage bins. Or, you can search 'pop can' on instructables and look at all of the other possibilities.


10 years ago

thanks! but im not sure thats what i was looking for