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i just installed a new dvd hard drive on my xbox 360 and it still does not work is there something else i need to do? Answered

i just installed a brand new dvd drive for my xbox 360 and it still will not play disk is there something else i need to do




Best Answer 10 years ago

The problem here is that installing a new dvd drive into an Xbox 360 isn't a simple plug-'n'-play procedure like it is on a PC. Your Xbox 360 and the DVD drive both have a firmware "key", and these have to match in order for the DVD drive to work. Essentially, your 360 knows which type of drive it shipped with and if you replace it with a different kind it will throw a tantrum.

When you buy a replacement dvd drive for a 360 it is essential that you buy the same model as the one you're replacing, even down to ensuring it has the same firmware version. Then you have to open up your old drive and remove the firmware board, as this contains the "key" needed for the drive to work with the console. Then you should open up the new hard drive and remove it's firmware board before replacing it with the one from your original drive.

If you have to replace the drive with a different model, you can get it to work by "flashing" the drive with new firmware. Unfortunately that is extremely complicated, could potentially lead to further expense and makes Microsoft very angry. It's not something I would feel confident about doing, and it's not something I feel confident about recommending.


8 years ago

The best way to fix the dvd drive problem is buying the laser lens off e-bay for three dollars. make sure you buy the right laser lens for your brand of dvd drive. All you do is remove the case off the dvd drive, the firmware boad removes easily, remove the ribbon cable from the laser and remove one screw holding a shaft down that the lens slides on. Then just pop off the old laser lens and put the new one in. I have fixed my own and three of my friends this way and is the cheapest way to go. If you can take your xbox apart you can do this.

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Answer 6 years ago

please can anyone tell me if there is a solution to this problem please: i just got a new dvd drive for my xbox elite and when i try to play a game as soon as it starts to load i get disconnected from xbox live then it takes me to the dashboard and signs me back into xbox live


Answer 7 years ago

You seem to know what your doing with xbox 360's. My xbox runs noisy and really hot. the noise lessens when i touch the xbox or apply pressure to it. It also "ate" one of my games. It made a horible grinding noise and scratches a perfect circle halfway between the edge and center of the disk. Bad disk drive? power supply always run that hot? recomendations?


7 years ago

Get a ps3. There's no disc drive issues or three rings, and the psn is free.


10 years ago

Going to the store to get your Xbox 360 fixed is a bad idea. they charge way too much. If you search around there are a lot of people who fix these kinds of problems and do it starting from 15 bucks.


10 years ago

Insufficient data. Why did you install a new one, could it be that the drive wasn't the problem you were trying to fix? What exactly are the symptoms, and what instructions did you follow to replace it? L


Answer 10 years ago

it read open tray and i sent it to microsoft the frist time this is the second time this has happened and they wanted to charge more this time so i went this route with this drive it says i need to put the disc in an xbox 360