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i made a portable speaker using an old telephone reciever.. the sound emitted is not too great. Need inputs Answered

just to give u more info.. the speaker is 1.5- 2inches in diameter. I am using a ipod shuffle 2g box as its enclosure. The sound produced is "O.K" or average.. u can hear music/audio but its not for people who like it too loud..  I need your inputs as to is the sound less because of the enclosure or because of the speaker and how can i make it more effective....



8 years ago

What might work would be to salvage the speakers from a dead notebook. They don't have that great a sound either but they would be more in the correct frequency range and would work better with the lower power.


8 years ago

As gmoon said: You need an amplifier.

But even then, it will probably not sound that great. Telephones are (were) designed for the frequency range of speech (300Hz..4000Hz), not for music (<10Hz .. >16000Hz). So you will get no bass and not much highs. Putting the speaker in an enclosure might help, but don't expect too much.


8 years ago

Your iPod is designed to drive a pair of headphones. Not much power output, but then they are VERY close to your eardrums. ;-)

The shuffle outputs about 16mW (reference page). That's 0.016 watts--or just over 1/100th of a watt.

So you need to amplify the signal to drive speakers. That's what is needed for more output volume. About a 1/4 to 1/2 watt for office use; 1 to 10 watts for casual "living room" listening; more for the audiophile or for parties, etc.

Also, headphones and your speaker might not have the same impedance, which can effect the volume and might not be good for the iPod. Regardless, you won't get much power output from the iPod alone.


Answer 8 years ago

+1. You want a small amplifier between the player and speaker.