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i mounted a 12v 120mm fan to my xbox 360 to blow air into the case,im stuck finding power where do i get my power from? Answered

mounted a 12v 120mm fan to the top of my xbox 360(sitting horizontal) and of cource cut circle hole so fan can suck outside air into the case and i also have whisper fan blowing out hot air. Problem...I made the mistake of thinking i could use 3 pin y splitter to power both fans...i know beginner right ..well im new to this kind of thing. My question is where could i get power to run my 120mm fan?




9 years ago

Barring any unforseen complications due to you re-engineering the airflow and possibly changing the direction of the airflow, and, and, and...you get the idea...

How about running the fan on 5VDC from the USB port and just running it slower? The idea behind cooling is not the speed of the ariflow, but the volume and amount of thermal transfer. Heat has to 'soak' into the air and be carried away. And 5VDC going to a 12VDC fan is soooooo much quieter....

Good Luck, and HTH.


9 years ago

One concern is you are changing how the engineered airflow is passing through the case; which may or may not affect the cooling in an unintended negative way...

That said - can't you patch into 12v power somewhere on the motherboard? There must be an obvious connection point - check between the power supply and the mobo, and trace from there.