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i need a good recipe for gluten free chocolate chip cookies.? Answered

my daughter has a gluten allergy and i haven't found a good tasting replacement for chocolate chip cookies.



9 years ago

We struggled with chocolate chip cookies for years. Use a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe but instead of regular flour use 1/3 Corn Starch, 1/3 Potato Starch and 1/3 Tapioca Flour. Then add a Tsp of xanthum gum. Add liquids slowly so the mix doesn't get soupy. If it starts to look like pancake mix stop adding liquid.

A problem we ran into with coco chip cookies was recipes that tasted good would run all over. Oddly enough, parchment paper on the cookie sheet makes nice round cookies.


9 years ago

This is the ultimate Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookie courtesy of Alton Brown. I made it as part of a cookie buffet for my bridal shower (one of my bridesmaids has Celiac's), and you pretty much can't tell the difference between this cookie and a regular chocolate chip cookie. The secret lies in the 4 different constituents (tapioca and brown rice flours, corn starch, xanthum gum) that Alton uses to replace wheat flour, and they work wonderfully well. The only adjustment I made to the recipe was to add a full 2 tbls of vanilla instead of the 1 1/2 tbls the recipe called for.

Your daughter will be very happy if you make these for her!!