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i need help on a way to secure plywood for laying on over the bathtub, the far side has only 1/4" curved and tile wall Answered

I need to do a medical procedure and I want to get it out of my bedroom.
I salvaged some 3/4 inch plywood  and need to find a way to securely attach the
plywood temporarily  for the procedure and then be able to quickly take apart and store for 2 days latter
I realized that working with the smaller plywood pieces was better for my spine.
Once I do a couple of procedures I will see if I need to attach them together with  a quick release hinge or plate.  I need to lie down and need to be able to work the water controls ,so I will leave a space open by the controls and spigot . I can put a pillow there if I need to.
I also found  out by accident that the home depot orange buckets are almost  the perfect size for use as stabilizer columns, with lids or a shim underneath and filled with water, they would make great  stable columns. So that really helps.
The problem I need help with, is every time I think I found the answer a day later
I realize it wont work. I am not a carpenter. I need to secure the plywood on the far side of the bath tub so I don’t have a flip over or collapse into tub.
The far wall has ¼  inch of  curved bathtub and then the  tile wall.
I  think I need to make a wedge device to  keep the board into the tiles and not let them shift or back out.
The buckets maybe enough, but I have to move  my body a lot during the procedure  and don't want to take chances.  2 of the boards have 4 inches overhang on the bathtubs entry side, The lip for the bathtub in that side is I think 4 or 6 inches wide so plenty of support for the plywood. I have 4 inches  extra overhang , I could cut  that off . Or  if it would be better attach some quick release wood  for legs or even 2 inch PVC pipe if I could figure out an  attachment with quick release.    I was thinking of attaching a board perpendicular to the plywood to fit in the tub and keeping the plywood from shifting, and  maybe a wooden wedge  and notch system to push the board against the wall and keep it from backing out or shifting. I just had a brainstorm , put wooden perpendicular strips on both sides of the plywood . If exact and with the pails it maybe non shifting. Someone would have to help me with how to measure correctly, as my measuring  skills are horrible. I may have a tool that would carry the measurement over.  I did get a book on my new kindle that is all  about measurement tricks, but I have not had time to even load it up


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9 years ago

Here's an idea to think about. Place on the underside of the top board another board that has a cutout the size of your buckets. The buckets would sit inside the cutouts and it would keep them from shifting. Also wood braced against the edges of the tub would help to hold it in place. You could look at some of the square type buckets, like kitty litter comes in, for size and it would be easyer to cut blocks to form to brace than cutting a circle for the buckets you got. I hope this made sense and I hope this helps. If you need a better explaination let me know.