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i need the formulas for designing centrifugal compressor of single stage which helps to compress the refrigerant Answered

the refrigerant needs a pressure differance of 1.3bar..single stage...we don hav any ideas about the material to used..the motor we use to run compressor is 100 watts..the speed can b more than 1500 rpm..we had a initial calculation far diameter of the impeller blade..but struck up with the no. of blades..we are terribly confused..so suggest us the procedures to proceed with our requireement..



8 years ago

This is not really a project that you can expect to design unless you have the education and experience behind you.

Try here.

Or here.

100 watts is just over 1/10 HP so it's going to have to be a very small turbine.


8 years ago

"we don hav any ideas about the material to used"
Do you mean the refridgerant?

It's no good asking a question like this unless you know your gas and the rest of the system and how much heat it needs to move.