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i need to boost 12v dc to 18v dc can i do that? Answered

I have a sensor that I would like to run in a engine Im building but its a 12volt system and the sensor runs on 18volts. How or can I do this? Oh thats dc volts



8 years ago

We worked this question a month ago have a look at the stream.


Answer 8 years ago

And they will be asked again...and again....and again... It's a standard ibles phenom, like "what resistor for an led?"

Even the question in your link doesn't show a best answer, so how is an OP to use it when there is disparate advise or answers that do not actually answer the question and no conclusion has been made to the efficacy of those questions?


8 years ago

Use a voltage doubler DC/DC converter, then regulate it down to what you need.

Make sure to use a 1MHz or higher voltage converter to minimize injected noise into the sensor circutiry.

Alternatively, some DC/DC converters allow a user setting of the output voltage.


8 years ago

When I needed 18 volts and only had a 12 volt car system I found that a car notebook adapter did the trick. A universal one can cover a range of voltages since notebooks can require anything from 12 to 24 volts. The other solution we were looking at was to use an inverter to go up to 120 AC and then a normal adapter to get the 18 DC. But that is pretty wasteful and generates a lot of wasted heat. The car notebook adapter does it all in one step.