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i need to make a headlight, brakelight, and turn signal set up for a motorized bike Answered

 i have 6volts dc and 3 watts to play with. i cant figure out the wiring for it all, any help would be appreciated. i want to make all of the lights out of LED's, the tail/brake light needs to be dual intensity, and of course the turn signale need to blink, it would be nice if they could be dual intensity as well, but not nececary. thanks again



7 years ago

Here's how to do the brake light:

Design your brake light circuit. Have the power supply + go to a N/O reed switch and then to the appropriate resistors for your LEDs (you can wire the LEDs in series or parallel). Now put the power supply - to the negative on the LEDs. Mount the reed switch on your handlebar. Glue a rare-earth magnet to the brake lever so that when you pull the brake lever, the magnet closes the reed switch and the LEDs come on. If you have any questions or need a wiring diagram/schematic, just let me know.

- Adam


Answer 3 years ago

@Adambower98 if your still around and willing can I get that schematic?


8 years ago

Try looking at the wiring schematics in any old motorcycle workshop manual that you can lay your hands on. The basic stuff is pretty much common to every motorcycle.