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i need to set up a small backpack for just one day in the minnesota wild... any ideas what to bring? Answered

i of course will bring a backpacking tent and sleeping bag, but i need to know what to bring for other things like cooking, fire, protection etc... maybe even hunting tools for small game if it could all fit in a fanny pack then thats all the better


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Best Answer 11 years ago

A fanny pack is a bit over zealous, I think. A lot of the equipment you'll need is dependent on the weather and bugs (or your tolerance to them.)

Shelter could be as simple as a small tarp and some line to hold it up... if warm enough, a simple Bivy sack could be enough if you like sleeping in your clothes. Simple bivys won't protect you from bugs, but the better ones will. here's a cheap one: https://www.instructables.com/id/Tyvek-Bivy-Sack-for-CampingHiking/

A cambells soup can or tuna can will work as a wood stove, you'll need 2 reliable sources of fire, just to be safe.

Some ultralight backpackers use "cat can stove" and denatured alcohol for cooking, but that adds weight.

There are lots of checklists out there... take a look and see. Assuming warm weather, available water, and no bug issues you'll need:

Shelter: Tarp, bivy, or light tent.
Clothing: appropriate for weather.
Equipment: knife, paracord, small backpack, water, water treatment (filter, chemical, whatever), stove, cookwear, fork, etc.
Food: up to you.

Best of luck, I'm sure I missed a lot.


11 years ago

I think you meant 1 night, rather than one day.  In any case for an overnight trip it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  For a short overnight trip iin comfortable weather, t's pretty easy to not need a stove or fire - just eat cold meals like a sandwhich or burrito and cold drinks too. I don't know of anything that I would call a small backpack that can hold a sleeping bag and tent and everything else you seem to want.  A snare and a pocket knife would allow you to "hunt" for small game.