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i want to be a part of an prototyping group near india? Answered

hello i am an indian i am good at drawing and creating ideas and i can good at many other but not too many things but i want sum oppertunity to do something 
i actually want to be an  part of an prototyping group i would help them in any way i could 
but i do not find any person to be helping me
i simply am tired of doing nothing and as i am an geek every person takes advantage of me and now i want to be of use
please tell me how to be in and good group in people intrested in prototyping / creating and / or how to find people like them



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Siddharth Jain
Siddharth Jain

8 years ago

Hi Gopal,

As mpilchfamily says, all you need is a hacker space!!!


The above is just an example of it... Its located in delhi.....
But I'm sure, that you csn find one other cities as well.. 

Also, in case you're in some college right now, You might just engage youself with some technical TEAM of some sorts (Like we have here in DTU, THE DTU SOLARIS, DTU BIO DIESEL, DTU UAV, DTU AUV, Etc) where you'll be able to fulfil your desire to be a part of a prototyping team....

Leave a reply in case you need info on something else.....  :D



8 years ago

Any company or group that does any prototyping or product development will be looking for specific skills. Often they are looking for people with a collage degree in engineering.

But i suspect your wanting to be part of a collective or hacker space. So have a look at the hackerspace wiki and see if there is one near you you can start going to. If not then start talking with people and find people with similar skills and interests. Maybe you'll be able to start your own hacker space.