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i want to build an app? Answered

I want to build an app :)

I understand that that there are sites with drag and drop features, which i will try out to get an idea of what i'd like, and use for smaller projects (any suggestions on which to choose?)

But for a larger project i would like to build my own :)

I have no programming skills or knowledge :(

But i want to learn!

SO! What i really want to know is were to start, what type of programming do i begin with? And were i progress to for app building?
i.e java, joomla, CSS ( Don't laugh, I'm clueless at this point but I want to learn over the next year or so)

Finally is there certain software that would be beneficial? i.e Adobe etc.

Oh and is there any sites, books, tutorials, references to aid learning?

Thanks for reading, I've tried googling but its a bit confusing finding were to start, but once i know the start and end point I'll get cracking :)


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8 years ago

For jumping into android app development I would suggest the MIT App Inventor. It is a WYSIWYG editor over a blocks based programer. It was initially created by Google but is now run by MIT. I've used it once before because I don't know Java, Androids native language, and others have used it to create pretty complex apps.

A good cross platform language is Python. It is much simpler than most other languages but I think it's just as powerful. Gmail among other things are programed in Python. Another bonus is it is cross platform, running across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android (I'm not sure about iOS). It's a good way to learn the art of programming with a lot of the extra syntax stripped away. I'm halfway though the lessons in Real Python and it all makes sense to me. The grain of salt I'd like you to take is that I already know C++ and a splash of a couple other languages so I'm not so much learning programming from it as only learning the language.

I tried the standard Android development through Eclipse and Java but I couldn't even open someone else's code properly. I would definitely work your way up to that.


8 years ago

As with most things you need to build skills slowly or you will get discouraged.

What platform do you want to develop for?

IPhone android , pc,Mac etc

There are free packages available to get you started . Start with vert simple things.

Personally I like basic as a starter language www.Picaxe.com. has a programme editor that uses basic, is free and has a simulator to test your code.

There are others about.