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i want to convert a window ac into a split ac? Answered

window airconditioners are very chaep(used) but i cant put them on my wall,so i need a solution to convert a window into a split.i.e my window unit works as an out door unit and i have an indoor unit which brings cold air.I have seen it ,so it is possiable



Best Answer 10 years ago

Split ACs are possible. Converting a non-split to split is a big job. Making the conversion safe is a bigger job. Simplest approach I can think of be to take the existing unit, remove the fan, thermally couple the existing evaporator coil to something like a water coil (ie, use the AC to produce chilled water rather than chilled air), run a pump to circulate that water into the house, and use some combination of "radiator" and fan to use the chilled water to cool the air. Problems I can see include the relative inefficiency of this approach, the question of whether you can insulate the outside heat exchanger and the transfer pipes well enough, whether water is actually the best fluid for the purpose (and whether you might need antifreeze in the loop), making the outside unit weatherproof enough to be safe ... Conceptually possible. By the time you make it work, I think you'll have spent a lot more than the cost of the used AC. Not to mention that those cheap used ACs are often far less energy-efficient than modern units, and this homebrew is going to be even worse. If you care about your electric bill, I think you won't be happy with the result. Feel free to go out and prove me wrong.


7 years ago

A solution would be to take the evaporator out of the equipment and install it inside the wanted to cool room on an custom box with a fan to recycle the air, the rest of the equipment would be placed outside on an wood/cement slab, and run new cooper lines through the wall, at the end just fill the ac with the proper amount of refrigerant, and on this you already save a couple of hundreds converting a window unit to a split one.