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i want to do a project in image processing where can i get it? Answered



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

11 years ago

I noticed you included "matlab" as a tag for this question.

I'm wondering, do you, or your school or employer, already have a licensed copy of Matlab?

Is your question asking where to find Matlab?  Or where to find image processing algorithms and techniques?  Or how to write a script in Matlab to process an image in some way?

BTW, Matlab is kind of a low-level tool. You knew that, right?  If you go that route, you'll be processing your images as matrices.  It's lots of number-crunching, and its kinda slow because Matlab is an interpreted language.  Mostly a language like Matlab is used for academic tasks, and for R+D, for working the bugs out of your algorithms. 

BTW, if you don't actually have a licensed copy of Matlab,  the next best thing is Octave, which is basically a free open-source clone of Matlab, um here:

Basic image processing functions in Octave: